Brief History and Activities

Pakistan Cardiac Society was established in 1966 by Col. M. H. Shah with the help of Dr. AH Muhammad, Prof. Rauf Yusuf and other cardiac physicians and surgeons at that time. Dr. Ali Mohammad Chaudhry started publishing Pakistan Heart Journal in 1968. The Society was active till 1971 and the Journal was regularly published, however, after Indian aggression against. East Pakistan the activities of the Cardiac Society ceased as well the publication of the Journal was disrupted.




Dr. Hafeez Akhtar, Chairman Department of Internal Medicine, Rawalpindi General Hospital, took it upon him self to revive the activities of the cardiac society and personally went several times around the country to organize the 3rd All Pakistan Biennial Congress at Rawalpindi. This was the 1st Biennial Congress after the East Pakistan debacle.




Pakistan Heart Journal was restarted in 1975 by Dr. Abdus Samad and he was elected as the Editor of Pakistan Heart Journal. Since then the activities of Cardiac Society has increased as well as the number of members has more than tripled. At the present time there are 134 members & 36 Associate members. Almost all physicians in Pakistan devoted to the Cardiovascular field are active members of the Society.



  Bienial Congresses are being held regularly. So far the following Biennial Congresses have been arranged.









Rawalpindi Dr. Hafeez Akhtar Prof. S. H. Shafqat
1979 Karachi Prof. S.H. Shafqat Prof. Abdus Samad
1981 Lahore Prof. M. Rauf Yusuf Prof. M.A. Najeeb
1983 Peshawar Prof. N. Azam Khan Prof. Waheed A. Sahibzada
1985 Rawalpindi

Lt. Gen. Arshad Mirza

Maj. Gen Zulfiqar A. Khan
1987 Karachi Prof. MA. Najeeb Prof. Abdus Samad
1989 Lahore Prof. M. Zubair Prof. Jawwad Sajid Khan
1991 Peshawar Prof. WA. Sahibzada Dr. Hafeezullah
1993 Rawalpindi Maj. Gen. M. R. Kiani Dr. M. Afzal Mattu
1996 Islamabad Prof. Afzal Mattuo Dr. Shahid Abbas
1997 Karachi Prof. S.H. Shafqat Prof. Mansoor Ahmed
1999 Lahore Prof. Shahryar A. Shaikh Prof. Abdus Samad
2002 Peshawar Prof. Syed Kiramat Ali Shah Dr. Hikmatullah Jan
2003 Hyderabad Prof. Nazir A. Memeon Prof. Feroz Memon
2005 Karachi Prof. Azhar M. A. Farooqui Prof. Khan Shah Zaman

Annual Meetings



1977 Hyderabad Prof. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry
1979 Faisalabad Prof. N.M. Ansari
1980 Quetta Prof. Allah Bux Khan
1982 Abbotabed Prof. A.J. Khan
1983 Rawalpindi Prof. Arshad Mirza
1984 Muzaffarabad Dr. Abu Wafa Khan
1985 Hyderabad Prof. Abdul Karim Abbasi
1986 Multan Prof. Farooq Nazir
1987 Faisalabad Dr. Zafar Ahmed
1988 Islamabad Dr. Sh. M. Malik
1990 Karachi Dr. Abubakr Shaikh
1992 Faisalabad Dr. Ehsanul Haq
1994 Quetta Prof. A. Munaf Tareen
1996 Hyderabad Prof. Nazir A. Memon
1998 Multan Prof. Farooq Nazir
2000 Faisalabad Dr. Ehsanul Haq
2003 Quetta Prof. Manaf Tareen
2004 Larkana Dr. Saeed Ahmed Sangi



Prof. William B. Kannel Chief investigator Framingham study visited Pakistan on the invitation of Pakistan Cardiac Society in December, 1992. In addition to his formal presentations group discussions were held with leading Cardiologists on the preventive aspects of Cardiovascular diseases.




Prof. Jamil a. Tajik, Chairman Department of Cardiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (USA) visited Pakistan on the invitation of Pakistan Cardiac Society in December 1993. In addition to his formal presentations workshops on echo. Doppler were organized at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi, Large number of Cardiologists attended this Workshop.



  News letter of Pakistan Cardiac Society was published and distributed to the members.


  Delegates of Pakistan Cardiac Society attended the XIth APCC at Ball, Indonesia.



The 12th A.P.C.C. was held at Lahore on October 17-21, 1999. 1500 registered delegates & 153 speakers attended the scientific sessions. Prof. David Kelly, from Australia, Prof. Sindney Gold Stein from USA, Richard NG from Singapur, Prof. Siddiqui from India, Sjukri Karim from Indonesia, Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes from New Zealand and Prof. Graeme Sloman from Australia were among the distinguished guests. According to many delegates who attended many previous Asian Pacific Congresses of Cardiology (APCC), this was the most successful congress both scientifically & socially. Live demonstrations from the cath lab were seen at the congress venue with interactive sessions. Dr. Arjumand Hashmi & Dr. Mubbashar Chaudhry presented stat of art technologies.
The WHF Publication “Heart beat” was regularly received and distributed to the members.



  Prof. M. Afzal Mattu, President, Pakistan Cardiac Society attended the General Body Meeting of World heart Federation (formely I.S.F.C) in Rio on 28th April, 1998.


  Prof. Shahryar Shaikh president elect PCS & President ASIAN PACIFIC Society of Cardiology addressed the American Heart Association Inanguration Session at LA USA Nov. 2000.


  World Heart day was celebrated on Sept 30, 2001 at Islamabad. It was chaired by Barrister Shahida Jameel Federal Minister for LAW.


  Convenor 17th Biennial Congress of Cardiology Prof. Azhar Maqsood A. Faruqui presented a cheque of Rs. 10,000,00/- to Prime Minister of Pakistan for earth quake victims of Azad Kashmir.

The Cardiac Society is thankful to its senior members for actively participating and organizing these symposia. Prof. Syed Hamid Shafqat, Prof.Rauf Yusuf, Prof. Nasiruddin Azam Khan, Prof. Waheed a. Sahibzada, Prof, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Prof. Mohammad Zubair, Prof. M. Afzal Najeeb, Maj. Gen. M. R. Kiani Prof. M. Afzal Mattu and Dr. Kiramat Ali Shah deserve our special thanks for organizing the Biennial Congresses. Prof. A. K. Abbasi, Dr. Abubakr Shaikh, Maj. Gen. M. R. Kiani, Brig. Hamid Butt, Dr. Abu Wafa Khan, Dr. Zafar Ahmed, Dr. Ehsanul Haq, Prof. Munaf Tareen and Prof. Farooq Nazir Prof. Nazir Memon & Dr. Ehsanul Haq for the Annual Symposia, I am personally thankful to Dr. M. Afzal Mattu, Prof. Shareef Chaudhry. Prof. M. Ishaque, Dr. Hafeezullah


Prof. Shahryar A. Shaikh, Prof. N. M. Ansari, Prof. M. Rehman, Prof. Humayun Maqsood for their interest and help in all the above activities. I want to bring on record our sincere thanks to Professor Lawson Medonald, Professor Paneth, Christopher Lincoln, Dr. Celia oakley, Dr. Kim Fox. Dr. Peter Mills, of U.K., Professor O’ neal Humphries, Prof. Van Praagh, Prof. A. Jamil Tajik & Prof. Bunyad Haider, from USA and other foreign dignitaries for sparing their valuable time and participating in our activities. The pharmaceutical industry and Pakistan International Airlines have co-operated with Pakistan Cardiac Society in holding the Symposia and Seminars, M/s. Atco Lab, Novartis, efroze, Servier, Parke Davis and many .others have been available to the Cardiac Society in helping in its humanitarian effort of fight against CVD, the biggest killer of the human race in our time.


This is the 17th Edition of the directory. We have compiled information from the members of Pakistan Cardiac Society which is being included in this Directory. If there are any omissions or mistakes we offer our apologies. They will be corrected in the next edition.


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